Friday, May 8, 2009

What's in a name?

Ok... so I logged on to my blog today... and realized that I am in need of a new blog name!! Even though I am still blessed by my three beautiful baby boys... I am now also blessed with a baby GIRL!! So... any ideas?? I want something fun and family oriented... maybe with our last name?? Or something about the kids... I don't know... I am not very good at these things. So... I am asking you all for help!!

And what would a post be without a picture??!! I took this one the other night. Karson and Koen were tucked in bed for the night and Kaleb was hanging out with us downstairs... like he does every night. He asked to hold Kassidy like I do. I wasn't quite sure what he meant at first. Well this is what he meant....

I LOVE this picture!! He is such a sweet big brother!! Kassidy is so lucky to him him... and Karson and Koen. She may hate it at times... but I know she will be SO loved and protected by her 3 big brothers!!


The Eyre Family said...

Okay...let's see...

Everyday With the Elliotts

An Earful From the Elliott Family

Exciting Elliotts

Embracing My Little Elliotts

Extra Energetic Elliotts

Entertaining by the Elliotts

A Royal Family: A King, A Queen, 3 Princes and a Tiny Princess

Katching up With The K Kids (since their names all begin with K)

Katch me if you Kan

Okay..I'll think of more.
Good Luck!