Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful day! The boys were SO excited for Santa to come that they couldn't fall asleep on Christmas Eve. Kaleb was up until 10:45, which made for a late night for Mr. and Mrs. Clause! We hadn't wrapped anything... so we had a lot to do! We finally crawled into bed around 1:30.

We woke the boys up at 6:30 and headed down to see what Santa left! Kaleb got the solar quarters for his beloved Planet Heroes!! He also got "cool Yuri" to go with it. Karson got Elmo Live which was not much of a hit with him for some reason?? He still hasn't played with it much. Baby Koen got a dance station thing from V-tech. He LOVES it (and Karson's Elmo too!)

As for the list of gifts that we got them... here are a few highlights:
Kaleb: V-Smile Pocket, Hulk Hands, Transform & Go Rocket, and the Matchbox Space Shuttle.
Karson: V-Smile Pocket, Hulk Hands, Tallking Handy Manny, and the Parents Animal Hospital.
Koen: A penguin from Build-A-Bear, Squishy blocks, and Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba.

The list of new toys that we have NO room for goes on and on after celebrating with Matt's grandparents, and my whole family. We haven't even gotten the ones from Matt's parents yet!! I need to get rid of some of the old ones, just to make room for the new ones!

Here are some pictures from our day. Also some that I took to give as gifts to our families.

My handsome boys!

Kaleb Troy

Karson Matthew

Koen Richard

Kaleb and the solar quarters.

Karson with his Hulk Hands.

Koen playing with the dance station.

Kaleb excited about his new rocket!

Karson with the ball Santa put in his stocking.

Baby Koen crawling and checking everything out.

Merry Christmas!!