Monday, May 26, 2008

Baby Koen's latest "Photo Shoot"

Just in case you didn't notice... this is my third post of the night (I had a lot to share!) So be sure to scroll down to see the other posts.

Anyways... I just wanted to share the most recent pictures of our sweet baby Koen. He is growing way too fast!! In less than a week, he will be FOUR months old!! Can you believe it??!!

(I couldn't get this one to turn!!)

Iron Man!!

As Kaleb gets older, he is more into the "big boy" stuff. Whether it be cartoons, clothes, toys, or movies... it all has to be "big boy" and NOT "baby." His most recent big boy obsession is with Iron Man. Keep in mind that the only thing he had to base this whole infatuation with Iron Man off of was the one and a half minute movie preview that comes on TV. He pretends to be Iron Man... and everything he has picked out lately has to be too.

Here is a picture of Kaleb aka Iron Man.

Monday Memories...

As I was packing up the house today... I went through my fare share of old pictures. It made me want to share some of them with you all. It is always fun going back in time and reflecting on all of the priceless memories made. I don't know what I would do without pictures... I LOVE them. Though I can remember pretty much everything about when these were all taken, I am sure there will come a time that I won't... and for that I am so thankful to have captured them on film.

I know these are all really random... but they are the ones that stuck out to me!

Kaleb when he was a month old

Kaleb on his first birthday

Our family on Thanksgiving 2006

Karson at Chili's

Karson at McDonald's with playgroup

Here are a few for you Linds!!! I can't believe how much your two little guys have grown too!!!
Then: Aiden at McDonald's (June 2007)

Now: Aiden at his 2nd birthday party (March 2008)

Then: Jakob, Kaleb, and Bailey at McDonald's with playgroup (June 2007)

Now: Jakob at Aiden's party (March 2008)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Four Fun Friday Facts!!

We had a very busy day today and I am BEAT!! I had a garage sale today... and I have to get up bright and early in the morning and do it all over again. We got rid of a ton of stuff though... and I am hoping the rest goes tomorrow! So... once again I am going to try and keep this short!

1.) We are moving at the end of the month into our new house, and it got me thinking of how "un-normal" I am. I have never, in my whole life, lived in a house for more than 2 years! Most people grow up in the same house... not me. My mom is an interior decorator at heart and she loved to find new canvases so to speak. We would move into a new house, she would decorate every room in the house (sometimes more than once), re-landscape the yards, and then we would move. It was fun for her, and my dad didn't mind. Matt and I moved into our first place together in April of 2004. When we move into our new house at the end of the month... this will be our 8th house together!!! I guess you can say the apple didn't fall too far from the tree!

2.) I LOVE water. It is by far my favorite thing to drink! I am not a big juice fan, soda gives me a stomach ache, and I am allergic to milk... so I guess maybe that is why. Or maybe it is the fact that I grew up in the desert? Whatever it is... I guess it isn't a bad drink to LOVE!!

3.) On the other end of that... I am kind of scared of water... bodies of water that is. The ocean, lake, public pools... not exactly my cup of tea. I love the beach, but the actual ocean freaks me out. I didn't learn how to swim until I was 10 years old... so I have ever really been comfortable with my water survival skills! Haha!

4.) I LOVE camping!! I have grown up in the woods. It is a family tradition to take big camping trips around Memorial Day and Labor Day. We don't go "campsite camping" either. There is no slab of concrete to park on, or a plug to hook up your RV to. We go out in the middle of the woods and really rough it! I will admit that in the past few years we have gotten a little more spoiled with my parents trailer, but it is necessary with the little ones. How are you supposed to heat up a bottle in the woods without a microwave??

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chef Kaleb!!

Hello everyone!! Sorry for my lack of posts lately... it has been CrAzY around here. Life with three little boys is getting more and more chaotic everyday! We are also getting ready to move at the end of the month!! Yes... again! We are moving back into a neighborhood we lived in before. The house is much bigger than the one we are in now... and we NEED the room! I only has three bedrooms upstairs though, so Karson and Koen will be sharing. I think it will work out well though! I can't wait!

Anyways... here are some pictures I wanted to share with you all. Kaleb brought me his little chef costume and wanted to make me dinner. He is at such a fun, imaginative age right now. He cracks me up all day with the things he says.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

In LOVE!!!!

I am super busy this morning... but I just wanted to share a picture I took of the boys the other night!!! I am in LOVE with it!

I woke up to make Koen a bottle... and I looked over and this is what I saw! My two boys, who are usually beating each other up... cuddling!!!! Can you believe it??? They really do love each other!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Four Fun Friday Facts!!

Here we are again... another Friday!! Matt just got home from a thirteen hour day and we are both exhausted!! So I am going to keep this short! If you haven't been on recently, this is my second post today... so scroll down to see some pictures!! Finally, I know!

1.) My kids are all named after a family member. Well, their middle names at least. Kaleb Troy is named after my dad, Troy. Karson Matthew is named after his Daddy, and Koen Richard is named after both of our families. Matt's Grandpa's name is Richard, and that is also my dad and brother's middle name.

2.) I lived in Colorado for three years when I was little. I have never skied, snowboarded, or anything like that. I loved it there, but I would never move there now. I love the sun way too much!!

3.) I am terrified of clowns!! It all started with the movie It. I don't know what it is about them that I don't like... they all just creep me out!!!

4.) I LOVE flip flops!! That is all I wear no matter what the weather is like. I have about 20 different pairs... but I am usually found in the same 2 or 3 pairs!!

Just me and my boys...

This Monday, Matt went back to work full time!!! I have been SO spoiled. He has been working a part time job with the BEST hours a mommy could ask for! He worked from 4am to 8am and was home by 8:30 in the morning!!! So pretty much, I have had him home with me for the last 3 months!!

This week... as you all read, was pretty challenging! Not only have we hadsome injuries, the boys have been sick, and we are ALL adjusting to Daddy being gone all day long. Somehow, we managed to get through our first week "back to reality."

Here are some pictures I took of the boys! I am in LOVE with these little guys! Even though they can wear me down to the verge of InSaNiTy... their smiles and kisses can lift me higher than anyone else!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Tagged by Miss Bethany!!

Ok... well I am pretty new to this as well but I have been tagged!!! So here it goes!!!

4 jobs I have had in my life:

1.) Hostess at Monti's Steakhouse (my first job... I LOVED it!!)
2.) Teacher at Scottsdale Learning Center (The job I had the longest... I worked there for 3 1/2 years! This TOTALLY prepared me to have kids!)
3.) IT Assistant/Internet Sales Assistant (Such a fun job!! I designed web pages and helped deliver sold cars!!)
4.) Chaney Electronics (I ran their online store)

4 movies I have watched more than once:

1.) Father of the Bride Part 1 and 2
2.) She's All That
3.) Mary Poppins
4.) Wizard of Oz

4 television shows I watch/watched:

1.) Desperate Housewives
2.) The Hills
3.) October Road
4.) The Bachelor

4 people who e-mail me regularly:

1.) Julie
2.) Deana
3.) Christy
4.) Meetup....

4 places I have been:

1.) San Diego, California
2.) Branson, Missouri
3.) Maui, Hawaii
4.) Las Vegas, Nevada

4 of my favorite foods:

1.) Ice Cream
2.) Pizza
3.) Salmon
4.) Chicken

4 places I would like to visit:

1.) New York City!!!
2.) Cabo San Lucas
3.) Hawaii (with Matt this time!!)
4.) Paris

4 things I am looking forward to in the coming year:

1.) Moving
2.) Matt's new job
3.) Going back to school
4.) Watching my kids grow

4 friends I am tagging:

1.) Gwen
2.) Sarah
3.) Autumn
4.) Anyone else who wants to do it!!!