Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lazy Summer Days....

I can NOT believe that it has been a whole week since I posted last!! I was doing so good at keeping up with blogging... but these lazy summer days are getting the best of me!

Matt is back to working full time (Thank God!!) so I have just been hanging out at home with the kids! It is hard to go anywhere during the day. Taking 4 kids 4 and under out in public is still tough for me! Haha! We save all of our errands and activities for the weekends.

This weekend Matt's parents came into town so we visited with them along with Matt's grandparents. They were nice enough to watch the kids for us yesterday so Matt and I could have some time together! We ate lunch and went to see the Hangover. It was the funniest movie!! If you have not seen it... I highly recommend it! I will warn you however... it is not for the "conservative" ...haha!

Today we took the kids to the library to check out a few books. Kaleb picked 3 books all about the moon and the solar system...of course! Karson followed along and picked a book about the sun.

Now we are home relaxing and trying to stay cool!! It has been really hot the past few days!! I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of you Daddies out there!!

I wanted to use this special day to honor Matt. My husband, best friend, and father of my children. Words can't express what he means to me.

He is an amazing man.

He loves us all unconditionally.

He makes us laugh.

He plays with us.

He works hard for us.

He supports us.

He protects us.

He is the best.

Matt has been such an amazing Daddy. I am so thankful that our children have him in their lives. He is an amazing role model for them. The boys already strive to be just like daddy... and Kassidy is a definite Daddy's girl. What more could I ask for??!!

I know this is a ton of pictures... but I wanted to put together a picture time line of Matt's journey through fatherhood.

Daddy and Kaleb visiting Mommy at work.

Daddy and Kaleb at the beach.

Tub time with Kaleb (he might kill me for this one!)

Kaleb and Daddy at the pumpkin patch!

Kaleb's first time to the fair.

Kaleb watching Daddy hammer.

Cuddles with Kaleb.

Daddy holding Karson for the first time.

Daddy and Kar in the NICU

Lounging with Karson.

Play time at the park with Kaleb.

Looking at animals with Kaleb.

Soccer Tots with Kaleb.

Daddy and Karson at Gigi's.

Karson's first quad ride.

Daddy and Karson camping.

Daddy teaching Kaleb to swim.

Chili's with Kaleb.

On the chopper frame with Kaleb.

Karson's 1st birthday party!

Daddy and Baby Koen.

Sleepy time with Kar Kar.

Feeding Ko Ko a baba.

Daddy and the silly boys.

Carving pumpkins!

Daddy and his boys at the zoo.

Crazy Daddy and Karson.

Daddy & Kaleb at breakfast!

Daddy and Kassidy in the NICU.

Daddy holding Sass at the park.

On the beach in California with Kassidy.

Night night with Kass.

I love you Hunny!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Oh Brother

See these two brothers?

They really make me laugh.

While they were reading this book together...

...I overheard this conversation:

Karson: Look, a horse!

Kaleb: No Karson, that's a cow.

Karson: No! It's a horse!

Kaleb (pointing at the cow's utters): Look... see his penis? That means he's a cow!

Karson: Oooh.

Kaleb: Yeah... that's where the milk is.


Friday, June 19, 2009

2 Months

I am just now getting to post, because a certain two month old got her shots today... which made for one unhappy little girl! Three shots to be exact... and one to drink. She has been so cranky and fussy! I feel so bad for her! She screamed at the top of her lungs when they poked her. I really think girls are more sensitive than boys... even when they are babies! Haha!

Well... I am sure you are all wondering how much the little chub weighs. She is up to 11 lbs. 8 ozs! She is the 60th percentile for her weight and the 75th for her height!! She is growing very fast! I was looking back to this post and she if flying up the charts! Her head is catching up too! Slowly but surely... she is now on the chart at the 5th percentile! Haha!

The doctor checked her out and said she looks great. She is right where she should be as far as development goes. That was great to hear. You always worry about that kind of thing when they are preemies.

The one issue we did discuss was her tummy. She is very spitty (just like the boys were) but she gets really upset and is also very gassy. The doctor said she has reflux. She will be taking medicine to help... so I hope it works. I am also going to try to cut dairy out of my diet. The doctor said that should help with her gas.

So overall... she is doing great! Here are some recent pictures of the little Sassy girl!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guess who...

... is 2 months old today??

I can not believe how fast she is growing! Full post coming tomorrow. I had to make her well check appointment for Friday... so I will post when I know all of her "stats." Haha!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Koen had his allergist appointment today. I am SO excited to announce that he is not allergic to anything!!! Yay!! The doctor said that he most likely got hives from a viral infection. He said that all children deal with infection differently... and apparently Koen gets hives... fun huh? Haha!

He did SO well with the skin testing! He sat in Matt's lap and flinched a tiny bit each time one poked him... but never made a peep. He got tested for 27 different things! 18 of them were environmental, and the other 9 were food. Is was so surprised that he wasn't allergic to blueberries... Matt and I thought that was the culprit for sure! (Number 8 was the test poke... that is what it would look like if he was positive.)

Then he drank his bottle, relaxed, and watched Happy Feet for the 15 minutes after the test.

Then he explored the exam room a little.

He did great. (Oh... and the appointment only took about an hour!)

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Planet

We went to Kaleb's dermatology appointment today. The office was at Phoenix Children's Hospital. I HATE driving on the I-10... so Matt drove us. He waited in the car with the little kids while I took Kaleb in.

Kaleb is the funniest kid to talk to. He has the biggest imagination and is so full of energy. When he talks, he lights up the room. He is very animated. I love when I get to take him somewhere... just the two of us. We talked while we waited for the doctor to come in. We played Simon Says. We played "twister" on the colorful square tiles on the floor of the exam room... (I had him jump to the color that I said.) He is so fun.

Now to the details of the appointment... the rash on his head is nothing of concern. They diagnosed it with a big long doctor word... but it is pretty much in the rash or eczema family. It should go away eventually. We are supposed to go back in six months if it is still there.

We also showed the doctor a lump Kaleb has had in his ear lobe since he was a baby. His pediatrician has been watching it... and it was never really a big concern. It is a calcium deposit. However, it has recently been getting bigger, and it is starting to hurt him. The dermatologist recommended getting it removed... which means surgery!! I am a little nervous... but it shouldn't be that bad. I will update with more details if we decide to move forward with that.

Another funny story about this little bump in his ear. If you know Kaleb at all, you know his passion for all things space. Planets, rocket ships, aliens... he loves it! Well... he came up with this story about the "planet" in his ear. I asked him how he thought it got in there and this is what he said:

"I was outside and I looked up in the sky. I saw a planet falling down. It was red... my favorite color. It flew in my mouth and went left. It landed in my ear and now it is there. Now it has aliens on it... and that's why it hurts now."

Haha!! You see what I mean about his imagination?!

And what would a post be without a picture? Here is that little love of my life himself!