Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Doctor, Doctor...

With four kids I knew that I would be at the doctor quite often. However, I did not know that I would be on a first name basis with the receptionists, nurses, and doctors. We are getting to know each other so well, they may just make my Christmas card list! Haha!

Here is an update and picture of my high maintenance kiddos...


Kaleb was just at the doctor for a mysterious "rash" that won't go away. I put rash in parenthesis because this is not your average rash. It started out as a scratch on his nose. Then this scratch started to look more like a little line of red bumps. I thought maybe he got a bad sunburn? Then about a week later, I noticed a little cluster of skin colored bumps on his forehead. I thought he was just breaking out from the heat. I didn't really think too much of any of this.

Then he woke up one morning and I saw that the cluster on his forehead and the line on his nose were now connected by a curving line of bumps. I know this sounds crazy... trust me... I have had to explain it to countless nurses and doctors.

I took him in to see his pediatrician and they had no clue what this mysterious "rash" could be. So now we are going to go see a dermatologist on Monday (the 15th). It is at the Phoenix Children's Hospital... so I know he will be in good hands. Hopefully we will get some answers. I will update you all after his appointment.


Karson has been surprisingly healthy. He is usually the one to keep me on my toes with all of his allergy and tummy issues. I might make him an appointment soon to get his eczema checked out. He has had it his whole life. With this summer heat it has gotten worse. We will see.

I also wanted to mention how full of love our little Karson is. Every morning he wakes up and comes in our room to check on Kassidy. He gives her a kiss and tells us "I lub my baby sisser." (That is how he says it.) He is always telling everyone how much he loves them. It is so cute!


Koen has decided to follow in Karson's footsteps as far as allergies go. They are both lactose intolerant, and just recently Koen has showed signs of more allergies. He was actually in the ER at Phoenix Children's for hives. They were the worst hives I have ever seen. He had them for about a week.

We are guessing that he is allergic to blueberries... but only the tests will tell us for sure. We are heading to the allergist with him next Wednesday (the 17th). His appointment will take 2 hours... so that should be fun! Haha! He is not the most patient little guy lately. He wants to go, go, go!

He will most likely get skin tested for allergies... so hopefully he will be as tough as Karson was. Again, I will update you when I know more.


This little girl is becoming quite the diva. She likes to sleep during the day and is up ALL night! She is so worth it... but I hope this phase passes quickly! I have been one tired mama!

The diaper rash that I mentioned in the last post has STILL not gotten any better. Poor baby! We will most likely end up back at the doctor for this issue.

She is still growing every second! I swear she gets bigger everyday! Her eyes are starting to turn blue too! It is fun watching her change each day.

So know you are up to date! I will let you all know how the appointments turn out!!


Gwen said...

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