Tuesday, May 19, 2009

San Diego!

This weekend Matt and I got the rare opportunity to go on a weekend getaway! His cousin, Jenn, was getting married in San Diego... Matt's home town. We left the boys with my mom (who was so sweet to watch them for us!) and headed to California for the weekend with Kassidy. We were a little worried about our drive with her... but she did great!! We only had to stop once for her to eat in Yuma each way! She was an angel! Here we are in Yuma on the way there.

We had a great time being back in California. Matt got to see his best friend, Jason. We went to lunch, the beach, and cosmic bowling!! It was so fun to spend time with him. He is a great guy and I know how much Matt has missed him. Here they are at the beach... Sunset Cliffs to be exact.

Matt and I... and Kassidy too! She is in the sling! (Thanks Lindsey for letting us borrow it!)

Kassidy ready to go meet Uncle Jason for lunch.

Here is Kassidy in the car after lunch! She is smiling SO much these days!

It was SO cold there at night! It was such a nice change of pace though! The weather was awesome the whole time!! Here is Kassidy all bundled up to go to a family dinner party the night before Jenn and Billy's wedding.

Matt and I on the balcony of our hotel room. We stayed in La Jolla... it was beautiful there!

The wedding was amazing. Everything went perfectly. Matt and I are so happy for Jenn and Billy. They are such a sweet couple! Here is the beautiful bride and her dad coming down the aisle. They got married at a park overlooking the ocean.

Matt and I at the ceremony.

Daddy and his little princess.

Kassidy and I... the view was amazing!

Here is the only shot I got of Kassidy in her wedding outfit! This was in the car right after I fed her. We were getting ready to go into the reception. She looked SO cute! :)

The whole trip was a blast! Matt and I missed the boys SO much while we were gone... we can't wait to go back as a whole family!! Soon I hope!


Lindsey said...

Kassidy is my best! That little dress... ADORABLE! Miss you friend :)!!!