Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lots of catching up to do and a hungry baby!!

Wow... I don't even know where to start!! I am uploading pictures onto the computer as I type... and there are over three HUNDRED of them!! I have a ton to share... but I promise I will do it one blog at a time!! So check back soon and check back often! Hopefully I will get them all up!

I think I will start with the oldest and go from there. About three months ago we started Koen on baby food!! He didn't start until he was 6 months old... much later than the other two! Kaleb started at 4 months and my tank Karson had to start at 3 months!! They were both guzzling down 12 oz. by then!! Koen on the other hand was perfectly content with 6 oz. every 2 to 4 hours!! We started with rice cereal... as I think most babies do. He HATED it!! I don't think I got any in his little belly... but it made for a fun time and cute pictures!

Here he is eating his first bite!!

And of course big brothers had to be by side side for the big occasion!!

So cute!!

Here is proof that he was NOT eating this stuff!! Sorry it is sideways... I couldn't figure out how tot turn it!!

Now days he is devouring the stage two foods twice a day with no problem!! He also cut his first tooth last Wednesday!! He is growing up in fast forward right before my very eyes. With all of the craziness, I have to stop and remind myself to take pictures, and enjoy his baby days, because before I know it he will be ONE!!!


Eriana said...

lindas fotos!!!!
beatiful babys!!!!

Oreste said...

Hello Jesica, a salute from Rome. Ciao