Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Balloon Bonanza!!

Continuing on my mission to "catch up my blog" I am now up to August!! I hosted a balloon bonanza play date! I thought that this would be a really fun simple play date. Well, it turned out to be a little more stressful!! I think it is because of my obsession with perfection. I always try to go all out for these things. I never thought that a simple balloon play date would turn into a $100 play date!!! YIKES!! After the helium tank rental, balloons, ribbon, balloon weights, and snacks it was pretty expensive for a few hours of fun. The kiddos LOVED it though, and a ton of mommies came!! I was so glad to see such a good turn out.
I made Matt help me blow up all of the balloons!!! He is such a great husband!!

Here are some pics from the fun day!!

Kaleb running through all of the balloons!!

Kaleb, Karson, and Tyler... so cute!!

Kaleb, Tyler, Parker, and Jackson playing!!

Some of the mommies and kiddos!

This was after everyone left...Karson was holding all of the balloons!
I'm surprised he didn't float away!!


Lindsey said...

This was a really fun playdate! You did an awesome Job!!