Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A little change of pace...

Ok, so I know I said that I was going to catch up my blog with all of the old news, before moving on to the current things... but I HAVE to share these videos of Kaleb. He cracks us up everyday with his many Kalebisms and hilarious songs. I finally caught a few on camera!! He has been quite the singer lately. He sings at home, in the car, and walking through Target. He is not shy one bit!! I love that about him!!

This one is of him singing the theme song from transformers... his new obsession. If you aren't familiar with the words it goes like this...

Transformers, Roll out.
Transformers, Robots in disguise,
Transformers, more than meets the eye.

There is more to the song but that is Kaleb's version!!

TOO funny right!!

Here he is singing his ABC's. I know some kids know their ABC's at 3 because they have heard it their whole life. Well I used to try to sing it to Kaleb and he would scream... "I don't like that song!!!!" So, needless to say we got a late start. He is just now showing interest in learning them. This is what he has learned so far:

As for Karson, there is no video of him. He doesn't sit still long enough these days!! Here are the most recent pics though!! And yes I know he needs a haircut!!

And our little baby Koen is growing WAY too fast. He is about to make the move and become M*O*B*I*L*E!!!! I am SO sad. I want him to be a baby forever! Here he is rocking back and forth on his hands and knees.

Well... that's it for now!! Have a great day!!


Bethany said...

Oh my goodness!! Those videos of Kaleb had me laughing out loud!! It cracks me up the different things they are into! Huntler wouldn't know what a transformer was if one jumped up and bit him!! Let alone the song!! :)

And I still can't believe how big Koen is getting!! He is growing up so fast...they ALL are!!

Time flies when you're having fun!!

Thanks for sharing!!

See you soon!!