Monday, April 21, 2008

Potty Training PaNiC!!!

Ok... so some of you may know that we have been trying to get Kaleb potty trained. Well, it is not going so great!It is SO frustrating... and a TON of work! He is more than ready. He tells us every day that "big boys pee and poop on the potty all the time." He knows when he needs to go... he is just too busy to take the time out to go into the bathroom.

We just had another "episode" that proves he is ready, just too busy, or lazy, or defiant to go. I was sitting at the computer checking my e-mail and Kaleb was playing with his Elmo doctor's kit in my room. Next thing I know, Kaleb is standing over the hard plastic "bag" that holds all of the doctor toys and he is peeing in it!!!!!


I was at a total loss for words! I had to call Matt into the room to deal with it, and I broke down. I don't know what to do any more! I have three kids in diapers and it is killing us financially!! I need Kaleb to be potty trained in order for him to start preschool in the fall too.

We have tried EVERYTHING!!!! Pull Ups, rewards, punishment, not pressuring him, putting "targets" in the potty, standing up, sitting down, being naked all day, putting him in underwear and dealing with the mess.... I mean EVERYTHING!!!!! He just won't do it!

Don't get me wrong.. he has his moments. He pees on the potty at least three or four times a day, and he recently started pooping on the potty some of the time, which was a major deal for him. But, the long story short, it is one step forward and three steps back with him!!

Any advise, suggestions, words of comfort, or a number for potty training boot camp to send him to would be greatly appreciated!! Haha!

Have a good week... and I promise to get back into blogging more (if this doesn't kill me first!)