Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I NEED a vacation!!!!

Ok... as I sit here and take a deep breath, I am about to reflect on my whirlwind of a day in the life of a stay at home mom. My normal day consists of cleaning, cooking, playing with the kids, tending to Koen, watching TV, surfing the web, and dealing with the conflicts between brothers. Today however, was not a normal day. Today was one of those days, that I find myself asking, "Why did I want kids?" Don't get me wrong I LOVE my kids more than words can explain... and I think I proved that today... anyone who didn't love them would have left them here to fend for themselves!!

The morning started out pretty good. I woke up, made breakfast, and cleaned up the kitchen. Then I went into Kaleb's room to help him pick up in there. We even got the playroom all put back together. What a productive morning!! Then we loaded up the kids and took Matt to work (his car was broken.) He just started back full time on Monday... so this is only day 2 of being alone with the kids. We dropped off daddy and drove home.

The boys aren't feeling very well. All three of them have snotty noses and pretty bad coughs. Once we got home, it was all downhill from there! Kaleb was asking for things every five minutes!! I need chocolate milk, play with me, brother hit me, I want to watch a movie, I'm hungry, I don't want this movie anymore, I need to go potty, I want to brush my teeth again, I want water in a big boy cup, I spilled, I'm hot I don't want clothes on anymore, brother took my toy, put baby Koen down, I want to play outside, I don't want shoes on, NO not THOSE shoes, I'm hot can I come in, I'm hungry, I don't feel good, I don't want medicine!!!! That is only half of it!!!!

Then there was Karson... He was like a little cling on ALL day long!!! He was holding on to my pant leg and whining. I tried EVERYTHING!! We played legos and he threw them at me, I gave him food and he spit it at me, I laid down with him and he kicked me, I put him outside and he cried at the door, I held him and he took my glasses off my face and threw them on the ground, I ignored him and he held on to my pants and I dragged him around the house. In between all of this he was fighting with Kaleb... and getting hurt.

As for the littlest guy in the house... he was quite the handful himself. He was really spitty all day. We can't seem to find a formula that agrees with his stomach. When he has bad days like this he wants to be held ALL day long. Every time I tried to put him down he screamed.... not just cried... SCREAMED!!! So while I was at Kaleb's beckon call, and dragging Karson around by the pant leg, I had a 3 month old little boy in tow.

If that isn't enough... we had the first fiasco of the day. I was making Koen a bottle and I heard splashing in the bathroom. I rushed back there and Kaleb and Karson had old measuring cups that I let them play with, scooping water out of the toilet and throwing it onto the floor. Seriously?? Time out # 1. I cleaned up the mess, fed the baby, and let them out.

About an hour later I was trying to get Koen to take a nap and there were screams coming from Kaleb's room. I went back and both boys were hysterical. "Karson bit me," Kaleb sobs... then I looked at Karson and there were scratch marks on his face and arms!! Time out # 2!!

Then, about an hour before Matt was due home, I was sitting in the play room with all three boys chatting on the phone with Lindsey. Kaleb was throwing a toy in the air and I was yelling at him to stop... but did he? Of course not... he is three and when I tell him to stop he does it at least four more times. Karson ran into my room and hoped onto his little riding toy. He was sitting there minding his own business when the toy comes crashing onto his head. I figured he had a big bump on his head and walked into the room to comfort him. He turned to look at me and his whole face was red!!! There was blood dripping down his face and all in his hair!! I was still on the phone with Lindsey, so she said she would be right over. I called Matt to tell him to come home, and then called 911. I couldn't drive with 3 kids and keep pressure on his head... so I had no choice! The fire truck pulled up and in rushed 4 firefighters! There was a half inch slice on the top of his head but they said it wasn't deep enough to stitch. Thank God he didn't need stitches!!! The checked his eyes, pulse, and heart rate since it was a "head trauma." He was fine... within a few minutes of them being there he was getting into their equipment, and running around as if nothing ever happened. Lindsey came in and helped me calm down, and then Matt and his grandparent showed up.

Matt had to fix his car, which meant I was still on duty!! Kaleb got himself 2 more timeouts... and finally Matt came inside. Then we had to go to the grocery store and pick up dinner. That went unexpectedly well. We got home, put the groceries away, and ate dinner. Was my bad luck finally over??

Of course not!! I was on the phone with my friend Bethany, and Kaleb started coughing. He coughed so hard he made himself throw up!! Now I get to clean up vomit... great.

As of now 2 out of 3 are sleeping!!!! Thank goodness! Kaleb is playing nicely, and I hope that I have no news to report in the morning... or for like a month! This is one tired mommy!!!

I hope everyone had a FAR better day than I did!

I love my kids. I love my kids. I love my kids.


Bethany said...

WHEW! I get overwhelmed just reading that! Holy cow! On those days I think I am ready for another baby, I'll come back to this entry and remind myself that my two are pretty perfect!! Hope today finds things nice and quiet at your house!!