Friday, April 4, 2008

Four Fun Friday Facts!!

Here we are again... another Friday! Doing this every week really makes me realize how fast the week goes by!

1.) Today is my birthday!! I am 23 years old now! Every year I get less excited! I never used to understand why older people didn't get excited for their birthdays, and now I finally understand. Once you hit 21, it is all downhill from there! Haha!

2.) I had an encounter with the rudest woman on the planet today. Matt and I were standing in line at Wal-Mart and Kaleb was throwing a fit over a bottle of water. He took a water out of the coolers they have by the checkout lanes and refused to give it to us so we could pay for it. Matt was picking Kaleb up to take him out to the car when it happened. This old lady in the lane next to us yelled, "Shut that kid up!!" I was furious. I walked over to her ans the rest went something like this.
Me: "Excuse me?"
Old hag: "You heard me, I said shut that kid up."
Me: "You know, you were a kid once too. That was really rude!"
Old hag: "Well I can't believe that you would let him act like that in a place like this"
Me: "Are you kidding me? It's Freaking Wal-Mart!!" (like we were at the Ritz Carlton or something??!!
Old hag: "He is SO misbehaved!"
Me: You need to mind your own business! He is just a little kid. You are the rudest person I have EVER met!!"

And then I walked away! Obviously she has never had kids before. I don't understand how someone could be so miserable with their own lives that they have to take it out on others.

3.) I am obsessed with my DVR!! I record pretty much every show on TV! Haha! I am a reality TV junkie, so with the help of my DVR, I get to watch pretty much all of them! I am SO excited that the writers strike is over and my favorite shows are finally making their way back into my life! :) Desperate Housewives starts back up next Sunday!!! I can't wait!!!

4.) I am pretty much blind!! I have the worst vision, and every time I go to the eye doctor it gets worse! My glasses are really stretched out from my kids yanking on them all day and they fall of off my face sometimes when I look down. The other day they fell off and I had to have Matt come in and find them for me! I swear I will be completely blind by the time I am 40!


Lindsey said...

Yay for DVR'S!!! Love you friend :)

KodiakBear08 said...

I think that you are sooo Funny Jess. I love that you went up to that Old Hag and gave her a piece of your mind. I love it. Well I hope your birthday was great beyond that. Take Care Girl.

Gwen said...

It's not your kids, it's the Walmart clientelle. I myself have had a Walmart incident. We were only in the store for about 30 seconds and Jack decided to throw a class a fit! Usually you can easily destract him, but he was pretty mad about who knows what. So I was getting ready to leave because I couldn't think straight anyway, when some Old Fart stops me and says " Can't you make your G.D.... kids shut the bleep up!" honestly, oh and I had all 3 of my kids with me. Me: r u serious?! O.Fart: yes I'm serious, I've been listening to your damn kid scream for 1/2 hour noone wants to listen to that sh..., can't u control your kids?" (at this point steam is coming from my ears, he's actually cussing at my 2 year old) so I say, and don't regret it one bit," Listen You trailer trash piece of crap, no one wants to listen to you either so why don't you go crawl back in your hole!!!" o.k. so now we have an audience and my 12 year old is begging to leave. Of corse you know I wasn't letting him off that easily, I followed him around Walmart with both of the babies crying now for 5 minutes before I left. Jerk.
We now shop exclusively at Target.