Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My baby is growing up...

Yes. I said it. Kassidy, my last baby, is growing up. I swear time is going in fast forward. I pray every night that time will just freeze for a while. I am not ready for her to be a "big girl." I know some of you probably think I am crazy for calling an almost 5 month old a "big girl," but she is already out of the newborn stage. She is pretty much sitting up on her own, she is about to roll over (the one milestone she is a little behind on), she has her ears pierced, and she is eating cereal now!!! It has all come way too soon.

We got her ears pierced at the mall last week. We happened to be there (we hardly ever go to the mall) so I decided to just go ahead with it. She sat in my lap and chewed on her hands, clueless as to what was about to happen. They marked her ears with a marker and then got started. It was so fast! Kassidy didn't even cry after the first ear. Then they pierced the second ear, and she cried a little. I stood up and bounced her a little and she stopped crying. I told her she looked "SO pretty," and she got a HUGE smile on her face! It was adorable. She looks so cute with her little earrings. Here she is showing them off the next day.

The other big news is that she is eating cereal now!! She is still a little unsure... and she pushes 98% of every bite right back out with her tongue.... but for the most part she likes it.

First bite of cereal ever.

She got a little on her face :)

This is her favorite part about eating... chewing on her bib.

I am in LOVE!!


Bethany said...

LOVE her earrings!! She is so stinking cute!! I just want to squeeze that chub!!