Friday, June 12, 2009

Big shoes pants to fill

Kaleb has always been a mama's boy. Without a doubt... ask anyone... this boy LOVES his mommy! Lately, Kaleb has been trying to be "just like daddy." It is so sweet and fun to watch him idolize Matt. He is always doing things that he thinks will impress Matt... like transform his transformers, build big block towers, run really fast, or hit the baseball as far as he can. He loves his daddy and wants to grow big just like him.

Here is a recent example of this:

Me: Kaleb, look at all of the hair you are getting on your arms and legs!

Kaleb: I know. Soon I will get LOTS of hair on them... just like daddy has!

Me: Oh yeah? Are you excited about that?

Kaleb: Yeah... hair means you are big and strong. That's why daddy has so much.

Haha!! It was so cute!! I will be more than happy if my boys turn out just like their daddy. Matt is so sweet always goes out of his way to make us all happy. He puts up with me and always knows how to comfort me when I am sad, reassure me when I am in doubt, sooth me when I am stressed, and just be there for me. We would be lost without him! He truly is the glue that holds our family together. I am so thankful to be his wife.


The Eyre Family said...

Haha!! What a cute picture! I bet that makes Matt's day when he hears the Kaleb stories! Being a parent really is great isn't it?