Friday, March 6, 2009

29 weeks

I am 29 weeks preggers today! I can't believe how fast it has gone! I can't wait to meet her and see what she looks like... but on the other hand , I am terrified to have 4 kids 4 and under!!

I had an OB appointment on Tuesday and got some unexpected news. I was measuring bigger than they thought, so they sent me off to ultrasound. My first thoughts were that maybe I was farther along than I thought... or maybe she is just big?? Then I went to my ultrasound and found out that I can now check off another "been there done that" pregnancy drama. I swear I have had everything under the sun happen to me while knocked up with my 4 beautiful children!

So what is it this time?? I have polyhydramnios. Huh??!! It is when you have too much amniotic fluid. How the heck does this happen?? I had tons of questions... but the ultrasound tech said, "I will have your doctor call you," and sent me on my way.

I drove home and what was the first thing I did?? Googled it... not a good idea. This is what I read:

Maternal diabetes You can end up with high fluid levels if you have diabetes and you're having trouble managing it properly. Hydramnios is diagnosed in about 10 percent of pregnant diabetics, usually in the third trimester.

Fetal abnormalities In rare cases, a baby will have a medical problem that causes him to stop swallowing fluid while his kidneys continue to produce more urine from the fluid he's already swallowed. This may include any condition that makes it hard for him to swallow, such as pyloric stenosis, a cleft lip or palate, or some kind of blockage in the gastrointestinal tract. Certain neurological problems, such as neural tube defects or hydrocephaly, can keep the baby from swallowing as well.

Fetal anemia In even rarer cases, hydramnios can be a sign that a baby has severe anemia caused by an Rh blood incompatibility or an infection such as fifth disease. In both cases, the problem can be treated with a blood transfusion in utero. In the case of fifth disease, the baby may recover without treatment.

If you're diagnosed with hydramnios, your practitioner will order a high-resolution ultrasound to check for abnormalities and possibly amniocentesis to test for a genetic defect.

You'll also need to have regular nonstress tests and ultrasounds for the rest of your pregnancy to closely monitor your baby's development, and you'll be watched closely for signs of preterm labor. If you haven't yet been tested for gestational diabetes, you'll be tested now.

You'll be monitored carefully during labor as well. Because of the extra amniotic fluid, there's a greater risk of an umbilical cord prolapse (when the cord falls through the cervical opening) or a placental abruption when your water breaks. Both require an immediate c-section.

That's why your caregiver will have you come to the hospital early in labor — or right away if your water breaks before you go into labor. You're also at increased risk for postpartum bleeding, because your overly distended uterus may not be able to contract well, so you'll be watched closely after you give birth, too.

OK... so that is not good right??!! My mind immediately starts running a mile a minute about what in the world could be wrong with her tiny little body. I was crying and praying... and let's just say I was a mess. I talked to Matt, called my mom, sister, and Lindsey. They were all so great. I don't know what I would have done without their support.

So the next morning I called my doctor to get some answers. I found out that the ultrasound showed no fetal abnormalities. THANK GOD!! I had just done my sugar test at that same appointment... so I am still waiting on those results to see about the diabetes. It is not very likely though, since I have never had it with the others. Then I asked about fifths disease and they said that it will not effect that baby after 20 weeks. So what in the world is it from??

I am still wondering that. We are just playing it by ear. I have to go back in 2 weeks to get another ultrasound and remeasure my fluid. The main concern right now is preterm labor. The doctor told me that if I were farther along, then they would just deliver me. They do not want me going into labor a.) because I live so far away, b.) because of the before mentioned possible complications, and c.) because I am WAY too early. She weighed (an estimated) 2.5 lbs on Tuesday. Could you imagine??!! I can't even think about it.

So that has been my drama lately. Hope you all are having a better week!


The Eyre Family said...

Oh Jessica!! Sorry to hear the newest!! I am sure you will be fine...just put your feet up as much as possible!! (With 3 kids no less!!)
On another topic..your belly is soooo cute! I am very jealous that I am never able to look that cute while pregnant...just a blob here!!

Lindsey said...

Cute Bump! I am sure she will come as a happy healthy BEAUTIFUl little princess! Love you!

brittsy said...

Awww, Jessica, I'm sure you were so scared hearing that! Don't worry, I'm sure everything will be fine with beautiful, healthy, little miss Kassidy!
On a side note, I had no idea I could comment on these things! hehe!


Gwen said...

How stressful!! That stinks that you are having to deal with all of those what ifs. Just remember those are worst case scenerios that the DR. have to inform you about, usually everything is just fine. Sometimes I wonder if allof the testing they do these days causes more stress and worry than it does good. I've had "possible" abnormalities/complications with all of my preg too and everything allways is fine. On my u/s last week they found lesions on my liver, meaning possible hemangiomas, poss adenomas, poss rupture and bleeding out... but, most likely it's nothing.
Don't stress, it's the only thing you have control over and it is bad for you and the baby.