Sunday, February 22, 2009

The bedding... unveiled!!

So I know you have all been holding your breathe, waiting for my decision on Kassidy's room decor.... right??!! Haha! Ok... so I had MAJOR issue over this very decision... and although I decided a few months ago... I thought I should wait to share my choice... just in case something better came along. I have finally decided to stick to my guns and not change my mind.

I had a really hard time finding that perfect bedding. I mean... not only is this my first and ONLY girl... but this is my last baby!! The bedding has to be PERFECT!! I wanted something girly... but not too babyish... I just wasn't feeling all of the pink... and Matt HATES purple... so that was not an option. Every time I looked online I would find pink and brown sets that I liked... but just weren't "the one." After scouring the Internet and every accessible baby boutique... I decided on Delilah from Cocalo Couture. It is not your average baby girl bedding. It is super sophisticated and girly... and still fun. I love the birds on the mobile! I also love the color combo... gold, blue, red and brown don't seem to go together... but it just works!! It is everything I was looking for. I am in LOVE with it.

So... what do you all think??!! I want your opinions. Can't you just see my sweet little Kassidy in this nursery??!! I can!!

PS... stay tuned for pictures from our dual birthday bash we had here today!


Bethany said...

AHHH!!! Okay, now THAT is adorable! You are right, it isn't the "typical" girl bedding, but it is darling! I love it too!!

Do they carry bigger bedding? I have never heard of them before!! I need to keep them in mind for when we move and I redo rooms!!

Lindsey said...

I LOVE this bedding and I cannot wait to see sweet Kassidy's room all finished! It is SO unique that I am sure it will be unlike any other room I have seen! She will sure be one of a kind! Love you!

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