Friday, March 28, 2008

Four Fun Friday Facts!!

Here we are again... another Friday! This time I decided to tell you all facts about my family! I hope you enjoy!

1.) I have a really big family. My dad is one of nine kids! All of his brothers and sisters have at least 2 kids, but most of them have four or five!! I have relatives on his side that I haven't even met before... not because they are distant... just because there are too many of them!!! Even my immediate family has grown to be pretty big! I am the youngest of three kids. My sister, Jennifer- 28 and her husband, Chris, have four kids: Austin-9, Aubrey-7 1/2, Aiden-3, and Ashton-1. Then there is my brother, Craig- 26, and his wife, Mary. They have 3 kids: Emma-4, Cole- 2 1/2, and Lyla- 7 months. Then of course Matt and I have three: Kaleb-3, Karson- 1 1/2, and Koen- 2 months. So there are 18 of us total!!

2.) My parents are still together! I find it becoming harder and harder to find couples that are still together after many years!! They were high school sweethearts! They have been married for 28 years!!! I respect them so much! I only hope that Matt and I will be as happy as they have been! One other thing that a lot of people don't know is that my parents are pretty young. My mom is 45 and my daddy is 47.

3.) When I was pregnant with Kaleb, my sister, Jennifer, and sister in-law, Mary, were also pregnant. We all got pregnant a trimester apart! Kaleb was born Feb. 16, Aiden was born Apr. 30, and Cole was born Aug. 1, all in 2005!

Here is the three of them last Easter: Aiden, Cole, and Kaleb.

Then, Matt and I decided to have another baby. Turns out that Jennifer and Mary did too!! This time we were all 2 trimesters apart! Karson was born Oct. 26 (a month early), Ashton was born Apr. 10, and Lyla was born Aug. 29.

When Matt and I got pregnant with Koen, I called them both to tell them the good news. The first thing they both did was go out and get on birth control!! Haha!

4.) My family gets together every month for dinner. Usually it is some one's birthday or a holiday, but we all make an effort to see each other as much as we can. Surprisingly enough we all live really close! My siblings and I all live within 5 minutes of each other here in Surprise, and my parents are only about 45 minutes away in Cave Creek. We are all extremely close. I don't know what I would do without them!!


Lindsey said...

Great List :) Your nieces and nephews are adorable.. your lucky to have everyone so close!! Cant wait to see you tommarow.. I am having withdrawls!!