Monday, March 31, 2008

Dirt and Dander and Dust mites... OH MY!!!

"Hey guys." :) This is the story of my Sunday afternoon.

Matt, the boys, and I were hanging out with Lindsey, Bobby, and her kiddos. The guys decided to go to Home Depot for some "Man Time," the little boys were all playing outside, and Lindsey and I were chit chatting and watching TV. It has happened to all of us, I'm sure. Right in the middle of The Soup, there was a knock at the door. It was a salesman of course, offering to clean one part of the carpet in Lindsey's house for free. After thinking for a second, she decided to let them in and clean the stairs. Neither of us really thought this would turn into anything more. We are both pretty good at telling those kind of people "No." Little did we know that this is how we would spend the rest of our evening.

So the guy comes in with this box with "KIRBY" written on it. Lindsey and I kind of looked at each other, like, "Where's the carpet cleaner?" He proceeded to put this vacuum together telling about how amazing it is, blah, blah, blah. To humor him we both watched his "in-home demonstration." He vacuumed a little square of the playroom (that Lindsey had JUST vacuumed herself) and that's where we were sold. He had these little white circle pads that he put over the filter, so he could show us what he picked up. It was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in my whole life. You should have seen ALL of the stuff that Lindsey's vacuum (and all of those I'm sure we all use) didn't pick up!!!

He goes on to tell us all of the things this amazing machine does. It is not only the BEST vacuum ever made, but it cleans hard floors like tile and wood, shampoos the carpet with a dry foam (that dries in 30 minutes instead of 3-4 hours), this thing even paints, and blows your leaves! But we'll get into that later!

Lindsey and I were definitely sold, but our husbands were still at Home Depot. We could only imagine what they would say when they come home to two very excited wives and a stranger with a vacuum in the house!

While Lindsey and I were busy watching the Kirby do it's thing, the hubbys came home. They both were apprehensive, but agreed to watch the demonstration. Though they thought it was gross (all of the dirt coming up) they were NOT sold like we were. The salesman knew he had to do more than vacuum the carpet to get the sale. He took the four of us upstairs to Lindsey and Bobby's bedroom. He took the long handle off of the vacuum and attached a small handle to make a "handy." He vacuumed their mattress for maybe 5 seconds and showed us what he pulled up. Their were dust mites and dirt, and dead skin cells and who knows what else!!! He said everyone sleeps in this at night! Lindsey and I were trying not to get sick... and the men were sold!!! YEAH!!! We both the the "permission" to buy one!!!

Then came the not so fun part of pricing! The Kirby retails for $2500.00!!!! Yes for a vacuum! Thank goodness Lindsey and I BOTH wanted one so they dropped the price to $1699 each! Just remember that this is an all-in-one machine!! We quickly filled out finance papers (who has that kind of money laying around?) and crossed our fingers. Lindsey just bought a house and Matt and I don't have the best credit... so we were both a little worried!

They worked on Lindsey's first.... and after a quick phone call... SHE WAS APPROVED!!! Matt and I were praying that we could get one too. After seeing the demonstration neither of us wanted to sleep in our bed without it! Then before we knew it....WE WERE APPROVED TOO!!!!

We were both so excited! We dragged the poor salesman through the whole house and made him show us how to do everything! It sucks and blows air, so that's why it can be a weed blower and paint sprayer too!

When we were finally done playing with it for the night, the salesman left and Matt and I were packing up our stuff to leave. We realized that I didn't get a warranty paper and Lindsey did. We tried to catch the guy, but he wasn't outside anymore. Lindsey and I jumped in my van to circle the neighborhood to try and find him. (They sell door to door and their was a whole team of them around). We saw a white van (the car they were driving) and followed it. It was okay at first, but then it started driving really weird, circling through the neighborhood. I asked Lindsey if I should keep following it, and she replied, "What do we have to lose?" We were cracking up because we knew that we were being creepy! Then the van finally pulled over and rolled down the window. We pulled up next to them and rolled down our window to find that this van was holding two younger guys and NOT the Kirby salesman. The guys in the van both had huge smiles on their faces and said "Hey Guys" in a flirty voice!!! Lindsey and I were mortified!! She told them that we thought they were someone else and I sped of. We were laughing so hard!!!

It is times like these that make best friends grow closer! I love you Lindsey!! It was such a fun night... and now Lindsey and I can sleep in peace knowing our beds and floors are truly clean!!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Lindsey said...

hahahaha!! Hey Guys!! Tooo FUNNY!!!

Bethany said...

Oh my...did you have to share the disgusting things that lurk in our beds and carpets with those of us who DON'T have the Kirby?!!! I am sure as I try to drift off to sleep tonight I will have visions of dust mites romping about!!

Sounds like you guys had a fun day!!