Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today I took my oldest son to his first day of preschool. He was so excited to go. I was excited for him... but I was also so sad to let him go. I am looking at the clock now, and he has only been there for an hour. I miss him so much... I feel like I can't even breathe! Kaleb and I have a very special bond. He is my little buddy. He has such a huge heart. He is very dramatic and always has a story to tell you.

I wonder what he is doing? Is he making new friends? Is he being a good listener? Is he having a great time? Did he go pee on the potty? What center did he pick? I have so many questions about his first day. Before he left today... I reminded him to remember everything so he can tell me all about it. I want to know every detail. I wish I could put a video camera in his classroom. I am not ready to let go. He is my baby. I know I have three other babies still here at home with me... but Kaleb is my 1st baby. I can't believe how fast he is growing up. I couldn't be more proud of him.

Here are some pictures of his first day!!

SO excited to go to preschool! I hope he is always this excited for school!

My handsome little man. We took him to get his haircut last night. He thinks that when his hair is longer... "kids will laugh at me." Ha!

Showing off his new backpack! He LOVES it. We packed his snack in it last night. He wanted a juice box, fruit snacks, fishy crackers, and an apple. I'm sure he won't eat it all... but that's what he wanted!

This picture warms my heart. It is almost like Kaleb is passing the torch of "big brother" to Karson. Karson and I dropped him off at school today. On the way there, Kaleb told him, "Karson, make sure you take good care of Ko and Sue-Sue for me... ok?" So sweet!

We went outside to get into the car... and this is what happened when he found out that the bus wasn't coming to get him! Ha! He really wants to ride on a school bus!

One last picture before we went in and dropped him off.

Is it 11:30 yet??


turdface said...

I bet he loved it!! Hope you made it okay through your day!!

brittsy said...

Cute! He looked so happy leaving school today... he must have had a great day! Bennett really wants to ride the school bus too.. he was disappointed about not being able to!