Thursday, July 16, 2009

Splish Splash!!

Yesterday I was a brave, motivated mommy. I have been wanting to get out of the house with the kids... but it has been SO hot we really had nowhere to go. When our favorite splash park recently re-opened, I knew it was the perfect place for my first outing (other than the grocery store or playgroup at Lindsey's) with four kids! I think the hardest part about having 4 little ones 4 and under is just getting them transported!! Haha! For example... going to the grocery store. I have to get them all dressed, packed up and in car seats. Plus, I have to get myself ready. Then we drive to the store and the wheels in my head start turning... am I going to wear Kassidy or put her in the stroller... or the cart? Am I going to use the stroller or a cart? How many things do I need to get? Where am I going to put those things? And so on... you get the point!

Well yesterday I managed to go to Target, the grocery store and the splash pad!! I was pretty proud of myself. We had a great time! We met some friends there too! It was Koen's first time this summer. It was so much fun watching him run around. All of the kids LOVED it. Here are some pictures from our day!