Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My mind is full!!

Ok... so I keep thinking about all of the things I need to blog about so here I am at the computer, getting it all out there!!

The first thing is Halloween! The boys, Matt, and I had a great night. We went trick-or0treating with our best friends, the Kimery's. Karson was such a trooper. He walked the WHOLE time!! I was so proud of him. They all got a TON of candy and had a great time. Here is a picture from the night as well as a few from carving pumpkins a few days earlier.

Karson (Elmo), Kaleb (Astronaut), Aiden (R2-D2) and Jakob(Obi Won) (I hope that's right!!)

Baby Koen "painting" the pumpkin!

The boys getting the seed out of the pumpkin. (They were such girls about this!! They didn't want to get their hands all slimey!!)

The boys with the finished pumpkin. Kaleb named him Jack.

The next thing I wanted to share was my stress!! I have been so uptight and stressed out lately. I am not sure if it is because I am preggers, or just all of the things I have to deal with lately. The first is our poor little baby Koen. He is a teething, drooling monster... and overall a very unhappy little guy! I feel so bad for him. He also just started climbing up the stairs!!! I have to baby gate everything, constantly take little crumbs and toys out of his mouth, and watch him like a hawk!!

Then there is Karson. He has developed this hatred for Koen. He pushes him, hits him, and pulls his hair every chance he gets. It is for no reason at all!! We have tried everything to put an end to this... but nothing seems to be working. Let's hope (for Koen's sake) that this phase passes quickly!!

Then my Kaleb. His surgery is one week from today, and I am terrified!! I am trying to be brave for him and I am not showing him my stress... but deep inside it is unbearable. Just the thought of him getting an IV and being put under makes me sick. I am so scared for him... and I wish I could just take his place.

The last thing I wanted to share were these FUN towels we found the other day at IKEA!! They are like little ponchos!! They snap down the sides and keep them so warm!! The boys LOVE them! (I think they would be pretty easy to make too!!) I wanted to buy more than just one for each of them... but they only had one print. So I will have to hit up my mom to whip me up a few more!! (Why sew when she will do it for me??!!)

Well that's it for now... sorry for the long post... just had a lot to say I guess! Have a wonderful day!!