Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all of you Daddies out there!!

I wanted to use this special day to honor Matt. My husband, best friend, and father of my children. Words can't express what he means to me.

He is an amazing man.

He loves us all unconditionally.

He makes us laugh.

He plays with us.

He works hard for us.

He supports us.

He protects us.

He is the best.

Matt has been such an amazing Daddy. I am so thankful that our children have him in their lives. He is an amazing role model for them. The boys already strive to be just like daddy... and Kassidy is a definite Daddy's girl. What more could I ask for??!!

I know this is a ton of pictures... but I wanted to put together a picture time line of Matt's journey through fatherhood.

Daddy and Kaleb visiting Mommy at work.

Daddy and Kaleb at the beach.

Tub time with Kaleb (he might kill me for this one!)

Kaleb and Daddy at the pumpkin patch!

Kaleb's first time to the fair.

Kaleb watching Daddy hammer.

Cuddles with Kaleb.

Daddy holding Karson for the first time.

Daddy and Kar in the NICU

Lounging with Karson.

Play time at the park with Kaleb.

Looking at animals with Kaleb.

Soccer Tots with Kaleb.

Daddy and Karson at Gigi's.

Karson's first quad ride.

Daddy and Karson camping.

Daddy teaching Kaleb to swim.

Chili's with Kaleb.

On the chopper frame with Kaleb.

Karson's 1st birthday party!

Daddy and Baby Koen.

Sleepy time with Kar Kar.

Feeding Ko Ko a baba.

Daddy and the silly boys.

Carving pumpkins!

Daddy and his boys at the zoo.

Crazy Daddy and Karson.

Daddy & Kaleb at breakfast!

Daddy and Kassidy in the NICU.

Daddy holding Sass at the park.

On the beach in California with Kassidy.

Night night with Kass.

I love you Hunny!!